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refresh and rebuild

Owners Exclusive was a website created for the Bourne Leisure group.  It was a website refresh and rebuild using SDL Tridion CMS and ASP.Net.

The website was a reasonably complicated affair as it was designed with a large amount of Content re-use in mind.  The website was created for caravan owners wishing to rent out their caravans which were mainly static caravans in caravan parks throughout the UK.

Content was reused on an adhoc basis for Caravan parks that shared similar facilities and features.  Addition of new parks would mean content already in the system could be associated with the new park.  This allowed for precise and logical steps in creating new content and ultimately in managing the content for each park in the system.

The build involved HTML development from designs produced by the client and creation of a new website within SDL Tridion.  The new website was built using Modular HTML templates and intergration into a Master page / Content Page structure.

Login functionality was created using ASP.Net membership and authentication, with forms being written using ASP.Net 3.5 Web Forms.

XML was used to structure the templates within the CMS and extensive XML/XSLT transformation used to allow appropriate content to be shown to users when logged out and when logged in.  Users that are logged in are only able to view content for the particular park with which they have a caravan registered.  If multiple caravans are owned, then the content available to the user was for the range of parks at which they had caravans.