Portable IIS Server


An example of development of some C#.net process management tools (in-house tools) used to monitor HTML displayed on the front-end of websites.

As there was no access to a server with external network access, there were no servers that could be used to browse the web. The tools being updated however required Internet access, as they were used to visit web pages, examine the HTML and check for particular HTML tags.

To get around this, consideration was given to ascertaining means to make IIS Portable. IIS Express comes close to this.

Further information was sourced from found this website http://goo.gl/IBt4Fx, by Marcin Kawalerowicz. The package can be downloaded here: http://goo.gl/fTXvfw.

The ASP.Net code can be published from Visual Studio to the ‘web’ directory and the batch file fired to execute the portable server.

Following this, one may need to tweak the WEB CONFIG file, as the above is a brief example of using WEB.CONFIG (and creating an ASPX page with master page).